A Recovery Story on The Sisterwives Today


I’m a big fan of The Sisterwives and am always floored by the courage and fearlessness of the people who share their stories there. Now it’s my turn and I’m both excited and a little nervous.

I keep thinking…

I needed to share this.

What the hell am I doing?

There are too many details.

This barely scratches the surface.

I can’t do this.

I can’t not do this.

It’s a story about abuse but also a story about recovery because the two are inextricably linked in my life. I hope you’ll head over to The Sisterwives today. I’d love to see some friendly faces!

14 Comments on “A Recovery Story on The Sisterwives Today

  1. I read this today and I felt it resonating within me as I read your post:

    “A man went to see his spiritual teacher after having been through a number of tragedies, and his teacher gave him the following mantra to recite: ‘Heart breaks…open. Heart breaks…open. Heart breaks…open.'”

    Heart broken…open.

    With love & friendship,


  2. First – love the new look of the blog.

    Second – what a powerful story and a powerful way to share it. I know you’ve helped many people by posting that story. I know it’s helped me and I know you know why.

    Bravo you brave and ballsy woman. You rock.



  3. What a post.

    I really appreciate your total honesty on this one and the bravery you show in writing it.


  4. I am so glad you decided to share this story, Karen. You are such a strong soul. I am so glad we have crossed paths. So, so glad.

    Thank you for your post today.


  5. Beautiful Karen…
    healing happens when we tell our stories and you are such a shining example of that!

    And now for the ridiculous….I absolutely admit that when I first looked at the title of this post my first thought was that you were writing about some reality tv series (The sisterwives, right?) and I thought “what has happened to her?”….LOL. So glad it was not that.


    • That’s hilarious! Nope, I’m not sharing my man with anyone. My favorite reality show is Naked and Afraid. We watch it with our son and we laugh and say, “Butt!” every time we see one.

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