The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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Mended Musings

A cool picture my husband took of us. A cool picture my husband took of us.

My husband and I are taking over his family business, started by his father 43 years ago. It’s a huge mission that is taking all of our mental resources and an exciting change in our lives. It’s also a tremendous juggling act that is stretching my brain in ways it hasn’t been stretched in a long time.

As I was driving to the office one day, I was suddenly bombarded with defeating thoughts. Who am I to take this on? I don’t have what it takes. I don’t know enough. I looked at my resume and life experiences and started to doubt my qualifications.

Here’s the thing: We look at the facts and create stories around them. Sometimes those stories build us up, creating a sense of confidence and bravado. Other times, we tell stories that knock us down a few notches…

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